Open Source GIS Library for .NET Framework Application

If you are going to develop a GIS application based on Microsoft .NET Framework, there are 2 two free/open source libraries which you can use out of the box. The first one is DotSpatial and the second one is Easy GIS .NET. Both of them offer complete features and easy integration in your Microsoft .NET application. Both DotSpatial and Easy GIS .NET are able to render ESRI .shp map files Continue reading Open Source GIS Library for .NET Framework Application

How To Switch Between Activites in Android SDK

Almost every Andoid application has many activities, a screen that interact with user. On desktop based operating system, this screen is usually called by a “form”. It is very common that it is required to switch between one activity onto another activity in user interaction. In this post I will try to explain how switching between activities and passing variable into it can be done.