A Proposed Design for PTIIK Mobile Application Logo


The above image is a proposed logo design for PTIIK Mobile Application. Basically it was a simple idea. PTIIK has been developing an integrated information system between it’s internal and external system. So it would be best if the designed logo reflect the description with the connected > and < shape to form an “X” letter as in eXchange. The blue-ish and orange-ish color used in the logo are the corporate identity of PTIIK.

The primary logo (the X) was designed using Adobe Illustrator. The shape was created by using Bauhaus 93 base font and modifying the outline directly. The color code used (in RGB) are:

  • Dark Blue: #005DA5
  • Blue: #1B75BC
  • Yellow: #FBB040
  • Orange: #F7921E

PIX and it’s longer texts are typefaced Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro. The above example of logo are finalized using Adobe Photoshop. Will it be the official logo of the app in the future?